Cupid's Valentine's Blend

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I love you.  Not in some fakey Hollywood rom-com kind of way.  My love for you is a passionate, intense, share-my-last-slice of bacon kind of love. That’s why I’m giving you this whole pack, babe.  You remind me of bacon, and not just because I want to devour you in one sitting.  You sizzle: like bacon.  You’re hot, like the skillet. My mouth starts to water when I look at you.  And like the contents of this package, you’re rare.  This bacon is crafted from dry cured and hickory smoked pork bellies the old fashioned way: with love. See those red pepper flakes?  They add a little kick, like you.  I know you can be salty sometimes. But that makes me want to drizzle syrup all over you. Yeah, I said that on bacon label. Happy Valentine’s Day: I love you like bacon and that’s really a lot.